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Join the Ranks of Young Trailblazers with the Congressional Award

The Next Gold Medal Ceremony:

June 2024


Washington, D.C.

Get Recognized by Congress for your Achievements 

The Congressional Award is a prestigious opportunity for young Americans to be recognized by the U.S. Congress for their exceptional work. Whether you're already achieving great things or are just starting out, the Congressional Award lets you set your own goals and strive for excellence. So why not aim for the highest honor and go for gold?


Stay updated on local and national events for your Congressional Award journey.


Learn how to succeed in the Congressional Award program.

Smiling Teenage Boy

Find the tools you need to achieve your goals in the Congressional Award program.

Change Lives

Make a difference in the lives of Nevada's youth by lending your skills to the Congressional Award program. Your time, resources, and financial contributions can help young people earn the highest honor given by Congress.

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